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There is simply no safer insulation for your home or work environment on the planet! Our insulation is thermally efficient, environmentally responsible, non-toxic and is easily foamed into open or closed cavities in walls, roofs and ceilings.

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Premium Insulation Features

Evergreen Premium Insulation also offers many non-energy benefits:

The basic components of Evergreen Premium Insulation are air, water and magnesium oxide, which when combined using our proprietary formula, results in a lightweight material that has a great R-value and has atmospheric cleaning powers that make the air around it fresh and oxygen rich!


Evergreen insulation stops a fire dead in its tracks. 100% fire proof without the need of any additional flame retardants.


Our insulation acts as a sound barrier, rivaling recording studio acoustic sound. Reduces outside noise by more than 75%.


Our insulation is not a spray foam, it is an ultra-light magnesium oxide cement with NO toxic fumes, gases or odours.

Pest Resistant

The magnesium oxide in our insulation dries out pests and vermin, making it impossible for them to nest or even survive.

Increased Safety, Comfort and Energy Savings with Evergreen Premium Insulation

Why choose Evergreen Premium Insulation ?

Why choose Evergreen Premium Insulation?


Client Testimonials

“Thank you for making such a difference in our older (50+ years) double brick home. With no insulation between the two layers of brick our home got very cold in the winter. Our house now feels much warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.”

Gregory A. - North York

“The entire experience with the Evergreen Insulation team was a pleasure. From the initial estimate where the entire process was explained to the day of installation where they completed the work on time and cleaned up afterward. Everyone we spoke with was friendly and took the time to answer all our questions. Thank you!”

Amanda C. – Markham

“The Evergreen Premium Insulation team knows what they are doing. They insulated all of our exterior walls in a day, everyone worked hard to get the job completed as promised. “

Vlad K. – Richmond Hill

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