Soundproof Insulation

With Evergreen Premium Insulation ‘s sound reduction qualities, you won’t be bothered by barking dogs or cars honking their horn outside and best of all no more sleepless nights due to outside noise.

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Premium Acoustic Barrier

Your home is a place where you should be able to easily relax and unwind, with Evergreen Premium Insulation you can watch a movie, engage in a conversation or simply enjoy some peace and quiet without any outside noise interrupting your personal time.

Most homes in Ontario are built with cavity walls, meaning there is a hollow crevasse between the interior and exterior wall. Most homes have drywall as their interior wall and plywood with brick or siding on the outside with the space usually filled with standard batt insulation. This is not enough to provide any kind of real privacy, allowing for loud noises to travel through fairly easily.

The best soundproofing comes from within your walls and ceiling, as sound travels through the air in this space fairly easily. Evergreen Premium Insulation completely fills the cavity between your interior and exterior walls to deaden noise and provide a sound barrier rivaling the quiet of recording studio acoustics, allowing you to simply enjoy the silence.

Increased Safety, Comfort and Energy Savings with Evergreen Premium Insulation

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Why choose Evergreen Premium Insulation ?

Why choose Evergreen Premium Insulation?


Client Testimonials

“Thank you for making such a difference in our older (50+ years) double brick home. With no insulation between the two layers of brick our home got very cold in the winter. Our house now feels much warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.”

Gregory A. - North York

“The entire experience with the Evergreen Insulation team was a pleasure. From the initial estimate where the entire process was explained to the day of installation where they completed the work on time and cleaned up afterward. Everyone we spoke with was friendly and took the time to answer all our questions. Thank you!”

Amanda C. – Markham

“The Evergreen Premium Insulation team knows what they are doing. They insulated all of our exterior walls in a day, everyone worked hard to get the job completed as promised. “

Vlad K. – Richmond Hill

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